For Personal Property Appraisals

Who We Are

Located in Riverside, California, Elite Appraisals specializes in accurate valuations of Antiques & Residential Contents and more.  

A professional appraisal provides the protection that you need by applying:

  • uniform,
  • objective, and
  • fair methods of establishing the value of your possessions.

Through a professional appraiser, the current valuation of your personal property becomes part of your records. In the event of theft or damage due to an act of nature such as a earthquakes, floods, wildfires, landslides and mudslides,  an up-to-date appraisal will supply the necessary information to help settle a claim. In addition, it is through an appraisal that the dollar value of your property is established for estate tax, equitable distribution, or donation.

Serving the Southern California Area – 951-333-9482 – elite@riversideantiquestore.com